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My aquarium has been a huge work in progress.  I finally think that it is settling down and starting to regulate itself.  I researched  everything on my own, and even after years of research I still managed to make a lot of mistakes. I did not go slow, I did not have everything I needed before I started, and I didn’t have anyone to turn to for help.  I kept studying and talking to people.  I found a great forum at AQUARIACENTRAL.COM, and I found a great shop with a great staff over at AQUA-HOLICS.  I still learn and continue to grow, and the tank continues to flourish with life.  My largest piece of advice I can give is...



It is a 75 gallon drilled tank.  There is about 100 pounds of live sand as well as about 80 pounds of live rock.  I have two Korilia 4 power heads 1200 GPH each.  Combined flow in the tank is around 3300 GPH or a turnover of 44 times an hour. In the cabinet under the tank I have a 30 gallon sump that acts as both a refugium and a filter.  In the sump I have 4 sections.  The fist section has a Turbo-Flotr protein skimmer and a 300 watt heater.  Section number 2 has live rock rubble.  The 3rd section is the refugium, and has chaeto, calperna, and a mangrove tree with a couple of chunks of live rock.  The final section contains an Ehiem 900 GPH return pump and a thermometer.  The light is a 4X65 watt Current Dual Sattelight, with 2X65 Watt Actinic and 2X65 watt daylight.  I also have a small 10 watt full spectrum light over the refugium that is on opposite the main tank lights.

Water Changes

I purify my own water with and RO/DI unit.  I do top offs as necessary, and a 10% water change once a month.


I only dose using OCEANS BLEND Part 1 & 2.  I dose each part on seperate ends of the tank each morning before the lights come on to prevent PH Swings.


Tangs require a clip of algae.  I fill it once a day 5 X a week, the other days they need to find algae on the rocks.  I feed the corals once a week, coral vibrance one week, and reef bugs the next.  Occasionally I will feed the bubble coral, candy cane coral, duncan coral some pieces of shrimp.  The fish get a big variety, and I feed the 6 times a week.  The combinations include pellets, frozen myisis, blood worms, brine shrimp, and other frozen treats.


This is going to be a long list!!!


1 Yellow-Bellie Blue Hippo Tang    This is a Blue hippo tang with a                

                                        slight and very rare color variant.

1 Yellow Tang                        Tangs are from the surgeon fish

                                        family, and they get that name            

                                        because of a razor sharp knife they        

                                        hide in their tail.  It can be very


1 Bi-Colored Fox-Faced Rabbitfish This is also a slightly more rare        

                                         version of this fish from the Fiji        

                                         area.  It has a strange color variant    

                                         and is venomous.

1 Scooter Blenny                      This fish is actually not a blenny it

                                         is a dragonette.  You must have a    

                                         populations of pods to keep this fish        


1 Algea Blenny                        You should see the eye lashes on

                                        this fish..   They keep the rocks

                                        clean of algae.

1 False Percula Clownfish            NEMO...Enough Said!

1 Dwarf Atlantic Pygmy Angelfish  Beautiful fish, eats lots of sponge

                                         and algae.

2 Bannagi Cardinalfish              These fish are now threatened and

                                        are no longer being removed from the

                                        wild.  My pair is mated and has        

                                        produced babies many times.  Now if

                                        only I could catch them before the    

                                        bigger fish get their snacks.


1 Skunk Cleaner Shrimp

1 Coral Banded Shrimp

2 Sea Cucumbers

1 Brittle Starfish

1 Serpent Starfish

1 Sand Sifting Starfish

4 Mexican Turbo Snails

1 Peppermint Shrimp

3 Emerald Crabs

2 Stometella Snails

6 Turbo Snails

20 Nassisuris Snails

2 Orange Turbo Snails

4 Olive Nerite Snails

40 Hermit Crabs

2 Feather Dusters


3 Green Star Polyps

2 Toadstool Leather

1 Cabbage Leather

1 Finger Leather

2 Ricordea

1 Yellow Polyps

2 Medussa Polyps

4 Hairy Mushroom Coral

Lots of Mushroom Coral

1 Bubble Coral

2 Candy Cane Corals

1 Fox Coral

1 Kenya Tree

1 Button Polyps

Lots of Zoanthids

1 Duncan Coral

1 Nymph Coral

1 Hammer Coral