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               My Grandmother's Story

       In, 2004, my Grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer. The cancer was present in both of her lungs, and she had to undergo surgery to try and remove the cancer. The doctors had to remove 1/3 of her right lung, and 3/4 of her left lung in order to remove the cancer. Following the surgery, she underwent some scans and test to see if the doctors were successful in removing all of the cancer. Her tests came back and she was given an all clean bill of health.



                                  My Grandmother &  I

    This year, just before Christmas, my Grandmother started to have little muscle spasms in her face/cheek. She went to the doctor, they ran some tests, and found out that the cancer had metastasized and gone to here brain. She had a brain tumor the size of a dime. The doctors believed with the location and size of the tumor, that they could successfully remove it with no problems. She went through with the surgery and they were able to remove the tumor with no lasting side-effects. My grandmother was once again cancer free.

    In February, she started to not feel well again. She was coughing up blood, having chest pains, and having headaches. She returned to the doctors to find out bad news. She had a tumor growing in her chest, tumors on her adrenal glands, and another new tumor in her brain. Her left lung was not working any longer, and the outlook was very bad. The doctors started to do radiation treatment in hopes to gain her more time. The entire family went home to visit and spend some time with her.

    Since her last doctors appointment, things have started to ease and look a bit better. The radiation seems to have worked on the tumor in her chest, as the doctors now say the left lung is working again, they have started radiation on the tumor in her brain, and are contemplating chemotherapy.

    The night of Mother's Day, she was readmitted to the hospital. The doctors kept her there for a couple of days, and then she decided based on the findings of the doctors, that she wanted to go home and be with the family. She had a tumor blocking her intestines, and a tumor in here throat. These tumors were preventing her from eating and going to the bathroom. They wanted to put a feeding tube in her, and she would probably spend the rest of her time in the hospital, as there was nothing more the doctors could do for her.

    She went home that night, the family called Hospice, and let them know that my Grandmother had decided to go home, and die surrounded by her family and loved ones.

    My grandmother had my mother call me the Thursday of Memorial Day weekend, and tell me that it was time to come home. So Jonathan and I got on the next flight home. When we got there I was shocked. My Grandmother was so little and frail, sick and suffering. I hated seeing her this way, but I understand and respected her decision 1000%. She didn't look good at all that night, and I knew we would be losing her soon. I stayed until monday, but then had to come back to work a few days.

                     My Grandmother & All Her Grandchildren

    At 5:00PM on 06/06/2006 I got a phone call as I was walking in the door from work. It was my Mother, and she said we were losing my Grandmother and I should talk to here one last time. I told her I loved her and that I would miss her, but that this was the best thing for her. I hung up the phone, told Jonathan and Craig the news, and at 5:15PM the phone rang again. It was once again My Mother, and my Grandmother had passed.

    Her struggle and suffering came to an end, she was peaceful and beautiful, and she was finally cured of the cancer and the pain.

    The Wake was 06/09/2006 and the funeral services were held on 06/10/2006.

                     My Grandfather's Story

Coming Soon!!

                Rest In Peace

             Grandma & Grandpa

    05/28/1933 -          06/27/1930-

    06/06/2006            11/05/2006


You just can't imagine what it is like to lose both Grandparents in less than 5 months.

Now, we can all be at peace that they are together again, in a better place, and there is no more suffering.

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